Yes Laundering Leg Lifts are simply doing your laundry while doing leg lifts.

I feel like every day people ask me how I stay in such great shape, that I must work out ALL the time! Well I guess they’re right because I’ve figured out how to turn my ever day, mandatory, brainless activities into WORKOUTS! Not only making ALL of the time spent doing chores more FUN! But also useful for keeping me fit and obviously efficient! I love it! Life for me is so much fun! Literally everything I have to do I make game, a challenge, SOMETHING to make it ACTUALLY ENJOYABLE! 🙂


1. Have Laundry on a surface that is easily accessible while standing..I use my bed

2. Lift leg using your butt muscle, squeeze and then lower…then repeat, repeat, repeat….

3. Fold laundry as usual

4. When your leg or butt starts to hurt, do 5 more lifts and then switch to the other leg

5. Continue to fold laundry

6. When both legs are tired, squat for up to 20 seconds and then start to do leg lifts again.

7. Complete ALL laundry!

8. Be happy that you just completed your laundry and worked your buns/back legs!! ACCOMPLISHED!