Hormones haven’t always been my best friend but they are now! Now that I’ve figured out how to work with them and not let them take me over “whenever” they feel like it..and girl, does it make me POWERFUL! Also there’s so much more info in my head that I can’t write all out in 1 article but can answer questions and will write a lot more in the future! I have done a ton of research on myself and have read a ton of scientific research, and have taken several courses, and continue to educate to keep up to date with the always evolving information.

Okay so here’s what happened! I became a woman and for years and years and years I just accepted that every month I’m going to get a couple of pimples, I’m going to be irritable, throw tantrums and cry for no reason, and then once my period finally hits I’m going to feel it with painful sometimes debilitating cramps…what?? Why? I don’t know either when I turned 30 I finally started figuring out how to avoid ALL these things!

Really I started to try to figure it out when I took myself off of birth control a little over 2 years ago and completely lost it!!! I mean completely just had no control over myself, my thoughts, my emotions, nothing..and then was angry about having no control…I mean a credit card transaction wouldn’t go through and that was more then I could take..I was crying, and felt out of control at all moments of the days…I had NO idea that that could happen…until it did, then I researched for hours, days, weeks, months! I was going to figure this out! I’ll write about coming off of birth control pills in another article soon because there is SO much that you need to know..it is NOT a thing you just do cold turkey.

Anyway here is what I’ve learned about how to control everything ALL month long..just reading this last line I laugh at myself….I am such a control freak..oh well..sorry I like to be perfect and mentally stable, but I DO!

Let me just start by saying that if you have breakouts all month then it’s probably not your hormones but what you’re eating, what your putting on your face or even your pillowcase….separate article to go over how to not have breakouts coming soon.(or link will be here)

So the deal is all throughout the month our hormones are changing..yes literally everyday…doctors have broken it down into 4 or sometimes 5 different “phases” within your 28-35 day cycle..pretty nuts…and yet explains a lot as to why right when you feel like everything is under control something else is out of whack! I use to joke with my roommates that we always have an excuse..we’re either about to start period, on period, or just had period as reasons why we’re emotional, act crazy, say dumb things….but after researching the monthly cycle and our hormones A LOT..I realized it’s actually true..

Okay so anyway..you already know all this…what you want to know is HOW TO REMAIN STABLE, NOT HAVE CRAMPS, AND NOT BREAKOUT?

So although it may vary on what works for you, something will work for you! I’ve tested it out on a lot of peeps, myself to start and this is what I’ve discovered.



Balance your mood, prepare your mind, warn+ pre calm yourself, supplement.

The EASIEST mood balancer is 1 tablespoon of coconut everyday. I personally eat Artisana Organic Coconut Butter (warning the top layer..4 days are a little rough..but then it’s DELICIOUS!) I usually give 1 spoonful to myself after my morning workout. It’s good to take in the morning around the same time…it’s the 1st thing that goes in me besides water. It not only balances mood but keeps body healthy..I personally think it lubes me up so everything can go through me easier for the rest of the day! I have been purchasing it at whole foods but JUST discovered Thrive Market who has it for $4 less and delivers! I’m def going to start being on the ordering program once I run out!

Meditate! If you’re not meditating…or you’ve tried and have been unsuccessful at feeling any benefits please try and try again..meditating will truly change your life! I previously wrote an article on how to meditate..step by step…Jenius Meditation Article that you can check out or there’s a ton of other resources out there, brainjohnson.me has a ton of helpful advice also if that doesn’t work for you but I promise you..meditating = best possible life in all aspects!

Warn and pre calm yourself is part a period tracker app with alerts and part taking supplements

The period tracker that I have is called period tracker by monthly cycles/Deltaworks they have a free and paid($1.99) version. The free version is fine and has what you need…you just get ad’s..so your choice. Okay so once you download the app, you have to enter your period info..like your last period, whatever the questions it asks…THEN go to Settings > Notifications > turn on Period Alert > select Alert Time..you’ll then be given choices of 7 days before, 6 days before…etc select ALL of the days by checking off each box. Then select whatever time you wake up at on a daily basis! Literally whenever that is….I once had it for an hour later then I was awake from had an “episode” and then was alerted! HA! Thanks…it’s too late now…LOL. Okay so once you’re all set there then go back and select Alert Text > type Hello Beautiful, stay calm, take a deep breath and take your happy vitamins! 🙂 (primrose oil/bee pollen/ honey/maca/whatever supplement you’re going to take) Or whatever it is you want to write to yourself that will a. make you feel good, b. make you laugh, c. open your awareness, and d. remind you take your happy mood vitamin. It may seem silly but it’s NOT! I promise this will make a huge difference in how you interact with others and makes it easier for you to calm yourself down or not even let yourself get worked up…it’s the unawareness that gets us all worked up. I mean it’s the hormones…but being aware really helps you help yourself be your best possible you without overreactions.

The supplements that I quickly referenced primrose oil, bee pollen, honey, maca are known mood elevators/hormone balancers that may or may not work the same for everyone..you kind of have to try out the different ones and see what works best for you…When I had my super freakout I tried ALL of these and more…I was going to MAKE SURE something worked! It is worth noting that you don’t need to and shouldn’t take these supplements all month long…only starting the week prior to your period…7 days before and then the first 2 days of your period so that they have the most impact and actually increase mood, balance hormones. That is why I love the app so much..it really helps because it’s hard to remember on your own that you’re period is going to start in a week.

Once it’s already too late..you’ve forgotten to take your vitamins and you have crazy bad thoughts.

Chewable Pharma GABA or GABA-Pro are AMAZING…what I mean by crazy thoughts are when you start to think and nightmare day dreaming…something happens or doesn’t and then that thought creates another thought and that thought creates another thought and you’re in this crazy negative spiraling out of control head that makes you depressed, angry, sad, and/or NOT productive..yeah..it’s a miracle worker for that situation. I just started selling natural factors chewable Pharma GABA & biconic naturals GABA-Pro because it has helped me, my friends, family, and everyone I’ve recommended to. The best thing is it’s natural..and it calms you within minutes! It has been reported to help with ADHD, relieve anxiety, improve mood. If you research anywhere you’ll see that it is an amazing vitamin and I vouch for it 100%! Gaba on WebMD. Please
send me an email
if you have any questions or would like to purchase these products or any of the Natural Factors or bioclinic naturals products…I will give you a good deal and my products are ALWAYS FRESH! 🙂

ALSO SIDE NOTE FOR THOSE CURRENTLY ON BIRTH CONTROL PILLS: If you’re on birth control pills you are being depleted of B Vitamins..unless you’re supplementing(which is a good idea as lack of B Vitamins can cause premature graying hair, easy bruising or bleeding, diarrhea or constipation, tiredness, weakness, light-headed and more. But don’t take just ANY B Vitamin or any type of vitamin for that matter…VITAMINS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL! Cheap vitamins with fillers and chemicals can actually cause more harm then good. Please let me know if you want recommendations on good vitamins or show me yours and I’ll tell you.


The easiest remedy is to walk, jog, or run…right when you start to feel that you’re going to have cramps get your body moving! The more you move the less cramps you have..or at least I have…once you already have really bad cramps it’s WAY HARDER to get yourself on the treadmill or the street but it’s still just as beneficial..trust me I know it the LAST thing you want to do but it’ll be so much worth it and is way better then staying crunched up in a ball in bed if you’re like me an refuse to take pain-killers.

Another way to lessen the affects of cramps is to not drink caffeine. I don’t drink caffeine at all at this point in my life but for those of you that do they are increasing your cramp pain! Why do that to yourself…there is a side effect of removing caffeine out of your life and that is that you might get really bad headaches..if this happens to you then you just have to choose or put up with the headache and drink extra water and b vitamins for a few days…personally I quit caffeine when I realized that whenever I didn’t have caffeine I would get a headache…it really made me think..and research and I realized caffeine just can’t be good for you! You only think you need it because it’s a drug and the withdrawal symptoms…tired, irritable, headaches seem unbearable and lifelong but I promise you they are not…I have more energy then anyone I know and I never need coffee or anything for that matter to stay awake.

Really as you become a more healthy person you just won’t get cramps..at least not like you do…they are not who you are they are what you are doing to yourself and how healthy you are. Over the past year I’ve had “cramps” twice and they weren’t unbearable or even that noticeable..and popping on the treadmill relieved them. Be healthy and live a pain-free happy life. 🙂


This might be the easiest and the toughest one…don’t eat sugar, processed foods, dairy or too many nuts..especially right before you’re period when that’s what you’re craving!! Simple right? HA! I know it is and it isn’t….but know that is the main cause of your breakouts especially around your period time….because you crave and eat more badness and it then shows up on your face…simple! Truth! Some months I’m successful at not eating 2 bars of chocolate..some months I’m not..but I always know what I’m doing and what the consequences will be. I’ve noticed that months that I’m good at not giving in I’ve prepared snacks that I like that are easy to grab! My favorites are grape tomatoes, red bell pepper slices, cucumbers, medium boiled eggs, and sliced carrots(NOT baby carrots.) Then I tell myself I have to eat the entire supply of good healthy food before I’m allowed to have the food I’m craving and usually by the time I’m finished the craving has gone away, I’m full, or I’ve said to myself “I love my clear skin, I love my flawless face” enough times to myself to not eat it…if I MUST eat something I eat 73% or more dark chocolate..it’s the least of the bad and has some antioxidant properties…and then some months…like during christmas when I’m PMS’ing I just say oh well..I’m going to have bad skin next week…LOL

Note: Eating the healthy veggies, particularly greens is nutritious and will help alleviate the severity of the breakouts. What will also help is taking a probiotic after you make a bad decision and DRINKING ALOT OF FILTERED WATER throughout the day.

Change your pillowcase, especially if you go to bed with not freshly clean hair the night before…all the oils from your hair soak into the pillow and then cause bacteria clogged pores…yuck and yay, easy fix!

Also read the previous sections..as balancing hormones with coconut and other foods/supplements really helps also.

ONCE IT’S TOO LATE..the breakouts have come.

#1 DON’T pick your face! Don’t touch it, don’t even look at it..the more you touch, especially with dirty hands, and the more you stress about it the WORSE IT’LL be! Okay so you have to touch your face to clean it..so wash your hands – you could maybe use a bottle of Hand Sanitizer just to keep them germ-free throughout the day… then wash your face with water and dry off with a paper towel…I personally LOVE Viva soft and strong paper towels…they feel like a soft cloth but are disposable=more sanitary..NEVER use a pre-used hand towel or wash cloth to dry your face. Next step is to spot treat, I use a product with oregano oil,



It’s kind of crazy how crazy we can be inside and out but if you make yourself aware, prepare yourself, you can live everyday loving life to the fullest!


My mission is that ALL women are connected, balanced, and unstoppable!


Please let me know if you have any questions, if you need help understanding or putting action in place, or if you’ve try this out and what your result was! I really hope I’ve helped you become more stable, pain-free, flawless and overall healthier!! 🙂





I am also NOW offering a Jenius LIFE Kit that comes with: (these are most the vitamins that I take within a monthly basis..not all during same time of month.)

1 – 14oz glass jar of Artisana Organics Raw Coconut Butter

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*1 – 60 v caps of BioSil also comes in liquid, whatever you prefer..I feel like the liquid tastes plastic-ish and I like being able to keep all of my vitamins prepared for the days and obviously liquid you have to take on it’s own..but everyone has their own routine. 🙂

*1 – 60 chewable tablets or v caps Pharma GABA

1 – 60 v caps of UriSense with probiotics(5 billion) and cranberry(500mg) OR just 60 v cap womens probiotic

1 – 120 RxOmega 3 Women’s Blend OR 90 softgels of Ultra Primrose oil 1000mg

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I currently carry very quality brands of vitamins; Natural Factors, Healthful Balance Vitamins, Whole Earth & Sea Vitamins if you need any vitamins that they carry, I can get them for you..I’m now a Healthy Vitamin Dealer! 🙂


*the Pharma GABA comes in 120 as well as the BioSil which would be a 2 month supply)

If you get skin breakouts

1oz of oil of oregano for use topically and internally is a great addition to your essentials.

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