Lemons…they’re not just an amazing antibacterial and refreshing smell…they’re SOOOO much more!

Lemons are rich in calcium, potassium, pectin fiber and of course Vitamin C as well as traces of iron and vitamin A. This bright yellow fruit has medicinal, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. What?Nutritional-Facts-lemons

Okay so why lemon and warm water you might ask??? For starters warm water with lemon in the morning on an empty stomach is a feel-good panacea. It is also VERY helpful for those coming off of Tea or Coffee as well as just amazing for everyone else.

  1. Reduces heavy periods (it that’s a concern for you, it’s 1 of the most natural solutions.)
  2. Helps our hormones! 🙂 Harmful estrogens from cleaners, cosmetics, pesticides, and plastics (BPA) can disrupt the delicate balance of our hormones – but not if we start each day off with a tall glass of lemon water!!!
  3. Alkalizing! Lemons once metabolized by the body create an alkaline environment. More alkalinity helps decrease inflammation, boost metabolism, and reduces cravings! YES!!
  4. Detoxifying. Lemons contain Citrate which acts as gentle diuretic to help flush out any toxins in the body as well as helps to purify and stimulate the liver.
  5. Improved digestion. Lemons contain Citrus Flavonoids, a digestive aid that helps to assimilate food, as well as act as a mild appetite suppressant.
  6. Boosts both Immune system as well a MOOD! Anxiety and depression sometimes result from potassium deficiency in the blood. Lemons have a high potassium content which helps with deficiencies as well as  the central nervous system function.
  7. Helps prevent the common cold & increase immune system. Potassium and Vitamin C also help to prevent the common cold, and Vitamin C protects the body against immune system deficiencies.

So what’s your WHY?! To create a habit it’s always good to know the why, that’s what helps your habits stick! That and when things are super easy to do…which drinking warm lemon water is of course!

What you’ll Need:

-1 cup of filtered, purified, or spring water.

Tea kettle or pan to boil water.

-Half of a lemon. (a lemon squeezer is nice as well)

-Mug or glass.

-Knife. (to cut the lemon)

-Straw (to drink water with…so you don’t damage your teeth) GLASS straw is ideal


How To:

– In the morning, first thing (most beneficial first thing in the morning on an empty stomach)

– Heat filtered, purified, or spring water in tea kettle or sauce pan.

– Cut lemon in half.

– Squeeze half of the lemon into half cup of the warm water.

– Take a deep inhale and enjoy your warm lemon water.

Water Boiling



Lemon Squeezing into water


JENIUS TIP: AFTER you’re done with your lemon you can throw in your garbage disposal and run the water for a nice, clean, refreshing sink/kitchen. I even rub around the lemon in my sink before I throw it in the disposal to clean all the germs..lemon is a great antibacterial! 🙂

Another fun, useful thing you can do with the lemon after is

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