MAGNESIUM! The Wonder Mineral!


Magnesium is the 11th most common mineral in the human body, governs the activity of over 350 enzyme systems, and plays a key role in over 80% of metabolic functions. Magnesium is one of the TOP minerals that our system needs. It has a huge impact on health in a WIDE variety of ways.


Magnesium has been proven to prevent metabolic syndrome X, blood sugar issues, and many of premenstrual symptoms. Magnesium is also involved in blood sugar regulation, cortisol regulation, energy production, fighting against blood lipids, governs pituitary health, hormone creation(literally estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone,) sleep, and supports thyroid..basically if you’re magnesium deficient and you most likely are..then you’re working harder then you have to to be healthy & may not even be able to get at your max health potential.


Both symptoms of being deficient in magnesium and what will be solved by getting the proper amount of quality and absorbable magnesium(which most forms/brands aren’t) :

Adrenal fatigue, facial ticks, fibromyalgia, headaches/migraines, insomnia muscle cramps, restless leg syndrome,  and PMS symptoms including  anxiety, bloating, cramps, depression…and improvements are QUICKLY experienced!


Magnesium is constantly being used and it’s important to keep up your levels throughout the day. The supplement, Healthful-Bone, that I take myself and LOVE recommends that you take it 5 times throughout the day..I know it seems like a lot and I do my best and its become easier and more natural over time….I basically carry it around in my bag a little baggie and then take it when I remember…if you’re not good at remembering you can set an alarm on your phone. Or take 2 with am vitamins and 3 with pm vitamins. 🙂

healthful-bone-300-caps-lgAlthough it is actually not very likely that you’ll get enough magnesium through your food alone, these are the top food sources of magnesium:

Magnesium FoodsDark Chocolate – most of people’s “favorite” and please note quality dark chocolate is what I’m talking about here, not Hersey’s. The highest quality with the best taste that I personally LOVE is the Theo Ultimate Dark 85% Chocolate with salted almonds..I get them on amazon in bulk. 😉

Fish – cod, halibut, salmon are highest in magnesium. I go for wild caught whenever possible and usually only have 1 or 2 fish dishes per week.

Leafy greens – you know the crew…collard greens, kale, spinach, swiss chard..It’s best to get some of these throughout the day.

Sunflower Seeds – they actually have 455mg per cup! I know so much, they also have other essential minerals including vitamin B6 & Iron. However sunflower seeds should  be limited to a handful as they also have a lot of fats(some good/some bad) as well as carbohydrates & sugar. There are a lot of great options out there,  my favorite is Davis Lewis Orchards Raw Fancy Organic Sunflower Seeds. Hi quality, great taste, and from U.S.A.

Sunflower Nutritional Facts:Sunflower Seed Nutritional Facts

Magnesium is mostly absorbed through the small intestine. Absorption ranges but at best about 45% of what you intake.

Another great way to intake more magnesium is through your skin. I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE taking baths and I always take my baths with Epsoak Epsom Salt! Yes I buy in bulk because otherwise it costs a ton, wastes a lot of containers, and is more expensive. But they do come in smaller sizes if you want to try it first. I generally take 20-40 minute baths 2-3 times per week before bedtime…creates a very calming environment and helps me to get to sleep SUPER fast!


Another way to increase your magnesium intake is through transdermal supplementation, I currently use Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil (the GOLD standard for transdermal magnesium) In the past I’ve also use Life-flo Pure Magnesium Oil, overnight on bottom of my feet before bed time (for the added benefit of quality sleep), sometimes I rub it into muscles that are sore.

And lastly, when I was first figuring out that I was magnesium deficient I used Naturally CALM, literally would be 100% ready for bed and then make it and go to bed immediately and I had an easy time falling to sleep, it felt like magic! Now that I’m not magnesium deficient I don’t use it as often but sometimes and a lot when I’m out of town. Just a spoonful in a tiny bit of water. 🙂


So for the last bit of info………there are things that deplete your magnesium levels as well as BLOCK the absorption. I warn you, there are things on this list that I’m sure you think you can’t give up as they’re a part of your life. I get it, your addicted, you can’t live with out. You do you, I’m just letting you know you’re causing this to yourself and you need to as long as you know that you are crating this cycle of non-health then that’s on you, at least you know the cause and can make educated decision.


-Consuming sugar actually takes magnesium to be processed into your system so it’s taking magnesium from another function that it could be doing! SO crazy, I know! I was a SUGAR ADDICT for many many years and thought there was NO way I could give it up, but after seeing so much research on how unhealthy it is I figured it out and now I don’t crave sugar at all! And sometimes I have some and don’t even enjoy in the same way, and whatever it is it better be WORTH IT! (I quit sugar with my why and organic ceylon cinnamon..with EASE! Way easier then I thought it would be.)::::Article on the MANY benefits of cinnamon::::

-Drinking caffeine excretes minerals from your system, including magnesium.

-And the top offender because it not only depletes magnesium but ALSO  BLOCKS absorption is drinking carbonated beverages! The phosphoric acid that makes them bubble up is depleting your magnesium and BLOCKING you from absorbing 🙁

So I’m sure you may have noticed SODA is pretty much on the bad list for having a good magnesium level. So if there’s 1 thing you cut out! I recommend cut out SODA!! I haven’t had soda in over 15 years…when I switched to Kombucha! Kombucha is great because it’s refreshing and a great source of probiotic which is great for general and hormonal health! And if you’ve “tried” it before and think it taste like vinegar or some other non delicious flavor I recommend you try some others..there are a TON of options at this point! My favorites always have ginger in them. I think because the ginger nicely goes with/masks the “kombucha vinegar” flavor. I saw try kombucha until you like it! And trust me, I try new ones just for fun and some of them are nasty!