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Have you ever…

 Had an emotional meltdown over…..NOTHING!?

Found you couldn’t fit into your clothes due to bloating?

Eaten a whole pizza, a pint of ice cream, & bag of chips when you’re trying to be “healthy?”

Cancelled plans because the pain was just unbearable?

Imagine a world without PMS symptoms.

A world where you navigate your monthly cycle with ease.

Where being female is a source of joy, not pain.

And where you’re in charge of your emotions and moods, not the other way around.

Would you want in?

It’s a fact that 85% of women experience unpleasant symptoms during their monthly cycles. These symptoms can affect our energy levels, work performance and personal relationships. It’s hard to feel “on” when something in your system is most definitely “off.”

But luckily, there’s a solution.

the new, patent pending, Jenius Cycle

The Jenius Cycle is a monthly supplement package designed to bring your hormones back into balance. These top-quality, highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals are divided into daily doses for convenient, no-hassle consumption. Each day’s packet corresponds to a woman’s unique needs on that particular day of her cycle.

Let the Jenius Cycle return your system to total harmony and embrace your full, powerful potential every day of the month!

Vitamin bottles take up a lot of space and sorting through which ones to take can be time-consuming and confusing. Not to mention, finding good quality, highly absorbable supplements is no easy feat.

The Jenius Cycle monthly vitamin kit is complete nutrition for women all in one box.

The convenient daily packets begin on the first day of your cycle and feature affirmations reminding you to embrace your womanhood.

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JENIUS CYCLE is committed to creating a world in which everyone experiences the female cycle with power, ease, and joy to provide confidence and stability to all females by offering a total health system that balances hormones to all. JENIUS CYCLE is partnering with women’s organizations to provide to those who can not afford as well as open the opportunity to those girls and women in need.

Current Non-Profits + Opportunity

InHerShoes is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to catalyzing courage for girls and women around the world to live and create courageously.

Sierra Leone Rising is a non-profit organization that fosters quality education, supports female empowerment, and ensures public health safety in rural Sierra Leone.

Women who submit stories about how their PMS symptoms effect them and what it would be like to be Happy, Healthy, and Hormonally Balanced. Submit to [email protected]

“I’ve been on the Jenius Cycle for the past two months. Since starting this new program I have noticed a huge difference in my overall health and moods. I use to have extreme mood swings leading up to my period that made life extremely challenging on certain days. We all know which days those are!! The crying day, the mad day, the super moody day. I have experienced a more regulated and productive life from being on this system and I am so excited and thankful. Jen you have changed my life in a huge way!!”

Thank you!! Amanda, HB

Other Ways You Can Help
If you know women that suffer with insane mood swings, debilitating cramps or any of the other symptoms PLEASE enlighten them…you’ll be changing their life!

PLEASE CONTACT [email protected] with any investor, contribution, publicity, or other interest or inquiries.

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