PMS is the worst! Let Jenius Cycle make your symptoms a thing of the past.

New research shows that supplements designed to balance women’s hormones can effectively relieve monthly menstrual symptoms. The Jenius Cycle pairs high-quality nutrients with a woman’s specific daily needs to promote health and vitality every day of the month!

It’s a fact that 85% of women experience unpleasant symptoms during their monthly cycles. Symptoms such as cramping, bloating, cravings for processed foods, irritability, and fatigue are often debilitating, sometimes leading to missed work or social withdrawal. Ordinarily confident women may find themselves overcome by irrational emotions, making it frustratingly difficult to perform at optimal levels in what is so often referred to as a “man’s world.”

Fortunately, the feminine health industry has responded with countless temporary solutions, including everything from pain meds to heating pads, massagers, and soothing herbal teas. Unfortunately these solutions don’t get to the root of the issue for hormonal balance nor address the vitamin and mineral deficiency that many women have with greatly contribute to poor health and hormonal imbalance. The Jenius Cycle supplements the body with highly absorbable vitamins and minerals that a woman specifically needs everyday of the month. Jenius Cycle strives to create total wellness each and every day and is very particular about where sourcing ingredients so that they are a contribution to women’s health.

Unlike the competition, the Jenius Cycle is not a temporarily fix. Instead it is a complete health system: a monthly package of individual parcels of daily vitamins, started on the first day of a woman’s period and taken every day thereafter. The contents of each packet vary daily, ensuring women get the nutritional support they require when they need it most.


We at Jenius Cycle believe that when you feel your best, you can be your best. 

Embrace your power. 

Be Happy, Healthy, and Hormonally Balanced.

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