I’ve been being asked a lot lately about by sun shields and visors that I always wear…always wear at night at least so that I can keep my face out of the sun so this is just a quick “here they are.”

The main picture is of me driving with the solar face shield and an upside-down visor to protect the reflective sun from getting under..:-)

Solar face shield that I wear while driving or in some cases walking around..I know it seems a little intense but the sun causes sun damage to my face almost instantly!!! Dark brown spots are no fun…and I’ll let you know how to get rid of them in another article shortly.

This is not the exact one I have, as I purchased many years ago..but I am going to buy this one now as mine has been getting worn down…Kind of annoying they don’t offer free shipping nor are prime..but it is what it is and worth the protection. Comes in black, blue and pink as well.

or this one I actually have owned and offers free shipping and is prime. It wasn’t tight on me as it claims in the customer reviews but maybe I have a small head, I wouldn’t pick this one if you have a large head. 😉 Link to solar sun shield. Comes in many colors.

Sun visor that I absolutely wear everywhere whenever I am in the sun. At this point I have owned over 30 of them..they get dirty, I lose them, they blow off of me during water sports, I give them away..whatever. I have backups ALWAYS!


The San Diego Hat company had been my go-to for years..but their prices went up..and now I shop around. If you’re really on a budget there is a 2 pack of visors for only $10.99 and free shipping/prime on Amazon.

Enjoy! Let me know how they work out for you! 🙂 OH FYI I’m still wearing SPF 30 to 50 under this visor!!!!

My current top safe sunscreens for the face are:

Elta MD SPF 46  -they also have a tinted, I prefer the clear as I didn’t see any tint anywhere except on my hands and clothes.

I also really like this Babo Botanicals Super Shield SPF 50 Sunstick..the only thing is it can make you white or have that white gleam so if you don’t want it don’t use it. I use this for when I go scuba diving…and I intentionally leave my face uber white for what I feel is max protection.

I usually follow that up with some Beautycounter Dew Skin…I love the beautiful glow and the extra protection…I add this ever 2 hours and it never gets that “caked on” look.

Minerals/antioxidant goodness:

I’ve been keeping myself extra radiant and hydrated with Healthful Hydration by Healthful Balance!

Summer months I also add in Organic Cold-pressed Rosehip Seed Oil for its amazing protection benefits and naturally occurring vitamins and antioxidants. Just a little dab will do you.